The Bvlgari brand is emblematic of excellence, having ensured, for more than 130 years, the absolute value of its creations, in the interest of its customers.

In order to promote and secure respect for the quality and authenticity of Bvlgari products and services, our IP & Brand Protection team runs a global, day-to-day protection of all of our company’s distinctive signs (trade marks, patents, design and copyright) also covering the Internet.

The IP & Brand Protection team engages the fight against counterfeiting by a dual action:

• Prevention, through the registration and management of thousands of intellectual property rights, such as the names, the sophisticated mechanisms or the outstanding creativity of the shapes of our collections, as well as the monitoring of the territory and the web.

• Enforcement, through the support of specialised advisors, investigators, customs agencies and law enforcement officers, the implementation of seizures of counterfeit products and related production sites, the filing of legal proceedings and the systematic takedown of fraudulent web sites, social media pages or online auctions.

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